What we do

We help the most ambitious digital and tech-led companies in the world, at critical stages of their growth, to hire their most impactful senior talent. 

Our approach

  • We use the power of our unique ecosystem, and the perspective of our stellar team, to find the candidates that are capable of transforming your business, bringing the right experiences and fresh perspective.
  • We partner with you and challenge you in a transparent and collaborative way.
  • We go beyond the job description to understand the culture of your business and what sets someone up for success in your company.
  • We are deeply committed to ensuring diversity on all of our shortlists.

Our process

Our process relies on a combination of art and science with recruiting IQ and EQ.


Pull all stakeholder opinions, contract conflicting views, define core focus of the role, clarify compensation.

Set strategy &

Define objectives, target audience, decision criteria and competencies, process dates, role profile. Present and discuss benchmark candidate


Approaches, sourcing, market review, prospect identification, initial screening.


Formal agency interviewing, informal referencing, competency scoring, shortlist submission.


Client interviews, feedback collection, initial decisions.


Final interviews, feedback review, decisions support, formal referencing, closure.

Founders Keepers commitments
  • Clear milestones, agreed up front
  • Diverse shortlist
  • Familiarise with company culture
  • Visible, transparent process
  • Weekly status calls
  • Thorough vetting of candidates
  • Informal referencing using FK trusted sources and advisory network
  • Availability and urgency
  • Influence and relationships
Client commitments
  • Honesty and openness of information
  • Commitment and time in the process
  • Permission to be pushed
  • Prompt and detailed feedback
  • Treating candidates properly
  • The right offer

Our Commitment

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

We know that diverse teams make more competitive, innovative and successful teams.

Recent studies and data show diverse teams are 19% more profitable. The tech industry is making progress, but slowly, and it’s our responsibility to challenge and support clients in ensuring they have a diversity of fully represented choice in order to make the right hire.

What we’re doing to address this:

We’re deeply committed to ensuring ethnic diversity on your shortlist. We follow the Parker Review’s recommendations to encourage BAME candidate representation on boards and in senior leadership. We will always ensure your longlist – and shortlist - is inclusive of BAME candidates.

In 2019/2020, 44% of our senior appointments were women. We’re getting closer to gender parity across C-Level, Chair, NED and VP level roles.

We aspire to a minimum 30% BAME candidate representation on every search we undertake.

Signed up member of the Hampton Alexander Voluntary Code on Diversity, a pledge of best practice in removing gender bias from board recruitment.

We work closely with our colleagues at accelerateHER to champion and promote women of all ethnicities in technology and digital businesses.

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