FK CPO Forum

The FK CPO Forum is an intimate network where digital-first people leaders come together to meet, learn, and establish meaningful connections to share, support, and inspire one another.

  • Founded in 2019, with over 300 global members.
  • We're a dynamic and intimate network for like-minded people leaders, working in digital-first businesses.

We come together to share, support and inspire each other.

We exist to provide a trusted and curated space for our peers, as we believe that strategic people leaders enable happier, healthier, and ultimately more successful businesses, recognizing that being a CPO can be a lonely and challenging role.

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Our network

Through regular offline and online meetups, valuable content creation, and curated resource sharing, we have fostered a strong network of exceptional CPOs and people leaders.

The members of our community include

Our members
We're a global community with hundreds of members. We come from businesses of various sizes, stages, and sectors. We're connected by the thread of entrepreneurialism and a commitment to modern people's leadership.