FK CPO Forum

Who we are

The CPO Forum is a space for people leaders to meet, learn from each other, and build meaningful connections.
  • We're a dynamic and intimate network for like-minded people leaders, working in digital-first businesses.
  • We come together to share, support and inspire each other.

Why we exist

Businesses don't create value, people do.
  • We believe that strategic people leaders enable happier, healthier, and ultimately more successful businesses.
  • However, we know that being a CPO can be a lonely and challenging role.
  • We exist to provide a trusted and curated space for our peers.

What’s involved

We host regular offline and online meetups, produce helpful content, and share useful resources. That has enabled us to build an extensive network of highly talented CPOs and people leaders.


Meetups and workshops to meet, learn, and share best practices.

Online Community

WhatsApp group for live and fast exchange of thoughts, ideas, and requests with the community.

Shared Resources

Timely topics, interviews, and expert resources shared amongst our community.

Focus Groups

Dynamic focus groups sessions for deep-dive conversations on individual topics.


Monthly virtual brainstorms to tackle the hot themes of the month.

Resource Sharing

A centralised platform for sharing resources and recommendations.

Join our network

Our community is made up of:

CPOs (or equivalent)

No.1 people leaders in a digital-first, entrepreneurial, growth business, operating as part of the executive leadership team.

Advisors and Talent Partners

Consultants, advisors, and VC Talent Partners who work with Founders and leaders of digital-first, entrepreneurial, growth businesses.

Our Members

We're a global community with hundreds of members. We come from businesses of various sizes, stages, and sectors. We're connected by the thread of entrepreneurialism and a commitment to modern people leadership.

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