Our story

We help the most ambitious high-growth companies in the world, at critical stages of their journeys, to hire their most impactful senior talent.
Over the years, we have built a reputation for helping some of the world's most successful ventures to find their next great leaders and we have helped amazing people to fulfil their ambitions and potential.
Dedication, hard work and a commitment to strong principles have been key to our success. Together, we continue to partner with exciting high-growth organizations and help to build talented and diverse leadership teams.
We're proud of what we've achieved, but we're always looking ahead to what's next.
We've only been able to come this far because of our stellar team and their strong principles. Together, they define what we believe in, who we partner with and how we work.

Our approach

Our process allows us to work harder, smarter and faster to solve searches. We rely on a combination of art and science, IQ and EQ.
We find the candidates that truly care about transforming their companies, individually, organisationally, culturally and commercially.
Since 2020, 57% of our senior appointments have come from minority ethnic backgrounds or don’t identify as men.
Within 30 days of the search commencing, 36% of our clients had been presented with the successful candidate
01. Briefing

Pull all stakeholder opinions, contract conflicting views, define core focus of the role, clarify compensation.

02. Set strategy & competencies

Define objectives, target audience, decision criteria and competencies, process dates, role profile. Present and discuss benchmark candidate.

03. Engage

Approaches, sourcing, market review, prospect identification, initial screening.

04. Assess

Formal agency interviewing, informal referencing, competency scoring, shortlist submission.

05. Select

Client interviews, feedback collection, initial decisions.

06. Decide

Final interviews, feedback review, decisions support, formal referencing, closure.


Our Commitment to Diversity

In today's tech industry, the competition for top talent is fierce, and we recognize the importance of fostering an inclusive workforce that values unique perspectives and experiences.
Research consistently demonstrates the positive impact that diverse teams have on both economic and social outcomes. As leaders in talent acquisition, we embrace a future where creativity, innovation, and collaboration thrive.

We are committed to ensuring diversity on all of our client shortlists.

We follow the Parker Review’s recommendations to encourage BAME candidate representation on boards and in senior leadership.

We're a member of the Hampton Alexander Voluntary Code on Diversity, a pledge of best practice in removing gender bias from board recruitment.

We work closely with our colleagues at EQL:HER to champion and promote women of all ethnicities in technology and digital businesses.